Industrial Applications Perlite Canada

Aggregates for plaster, concrete and mortar:

In order to decrease weight or increase insulating capacity and fire resistance, manufacturers use our products as aggregates in concrete, cement, bitumen, plaster and mortar.


Easy to handle and lightweight, our products are great as filling materials for partitions, doors, panels and masonry walls. They can also be used in plastics and oil, water or geothermal wells.

Vermiculite flakes are also found in transport crates as packaging for delicate equipment such as lithium batteries to protect against spills.

Heat and sound insulation:

Lightweight, porous and easy to handle, perlite is the perfect material for soundproofing and fireproofing walls, doors, separator panels and soundproofing tiles.

The oil, petrochemical and gas industries have long used vermiculite to insulate their furnaces, tanks and production equipment.

It can also be used for the loose insulation of attics, floors and pre-existing or prefabricated partitions.


Our products can be used as insulation for pipes, under floors and even in the manufacture of insulating panels for roofs.

They can also be used in cryogenics, which refers to production at very low temperatures.

Fire protection:

Vermiculite and perlite are non-combustible. This resistance to heat makes them excellent refractory agents and ideal materials for a variety of fire protection applications, including chimney breasts, fire-resistance chipboard, the manufacture of bricks and tiles and even fire-resistant paint. They can also be found embedded in protective mortar coatings in cement or plaster meant to protect beams and columns against fire.

Absorbent materials:

Our products are used as absorbent materials for chemical spills, litter, etc.


The pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries (e.g., beer, juice and hydrogenated vegetable oil) use perlite as a filtration agent.

Perlite is also used in the filtration of larger volumes such as public pools and municipal water treatment plants.


In standard industrial applications, perlite is used as an abrasive agent in several products, including soaps, cleansers and polishes.