Raw Material

High supply standards.

Heat Processing

With our heat processing, we achieve maximum expansion of the raw material.

Final Product

The result: products with unbeatable quality.



Perlite Canada

Since 1993, Perlite Canada has been producing crude and expanded perlite and vermiculite. An active part of the industrial minerals sector, Perlite Canada produces, transforms and markets its products and is the only integrated company of its kind in Canada.

Ideally located to serve major markets, Perlite Canada analyzes all possible business opportunities in order to increase its presence across Canada and the northeastern United States

Perlite Canada has two plants in Québec (one in Montréal and one in the Rivière-du-Loup region) and employs thirty people.

Head Office / Lachine Factory

The Lachine factory in Québec, which has been in operation for 40 years, serves markets in Québec, Ontario and the northeastern United States. Perlite Canada uses both rail and road transportation to ensure fast, efficient and cost-effective service to our horticultural and industrial customers.

Saint-Pacôme / Factory

The Saint-Pacôme factory in Québec was officially opened in 2008 by Perlite Canada to better serve peat producers in eastern Canada as well as nearby industrial customers. Ever since the establishment of the new factory, Perlite Canada has been in constant contact with peat moss producers in eastern Canada and the United States, giving them access to lower transport costs and shorter receiving delays.