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Research and Development Perlite Canada

Perlite Canada

Together with its partners, Perlite Canada promotes research on the best applications of perlite and vermiculite in the horticultural and industrial sectors.

Always on the lookout for new markets for its products, Perlite Canada is currently working on the development of new processes (e.g., in industrial sectors such as specialty concrete, masonry, fire panels, etc.).

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A texture that retains moisture and liquids

During dilation, our products' particles develop miniscule cavities or pores. Perfect for horticultural applications, they are great at retaining the water and fertilizer that plants need. In addition, their shape creates air passages in the base of the plant, thereby providing optimal aeration while allowing for perfect irrigation and drainage.

It should also be noted that one of our products, vermiculite, can retain many times its weight in water.

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Air circulation

By leaving air passages, our products enable the optimal aeration of soil mixtures in soil, hydroponics, substrates and many industrial applications.

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Low density – Cannot be compacted

After baking, our products retain most of their mass, but their density decreases. In addition, they cannot be compacted, making them an ideal filling material for lightening aggregates such as concrete, plaster and bitumen, and filling walls and partitions.

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Inert, chemically neutral and odorless

This is why perlite and vermiculite are so popular for such a wide range of applications, from flower boxes in horticulture to filtration in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Our products have a neutral pH and are odorless, inorganic, non-toxic and do not create residue during transformation, and so do not deteriorate. As they are sterile, they contain no weeds.

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Low conductivity, insulating, fireproof and soundproof

Perfect for insulating pipes and filling walls, partitions, brick or tile. With their low conductivity, ability to trap air and light weight, our quality products can be used to delay the effects of heat or fire or to insulate against the cold and noise.